Sunday, September 16, 2007

Making Connections

Gerrit awoke at 6 am so we got an early start today. The morning was spent walking the pups followed by taking some pictures and measurements at the Neufahrn house. Gerrit loved running all over the empty house screaming, playing with his cars on the wooden floors, and throwing them down the stairs. We'll definitely need some rugs to help dampen the noise a bit.
Taking measurements in the new house.

After lunch another walk for the dogs and we headed out to meet up with a couple I met off of Toytown. Toytown is an english-speaking website centered around living in Germany. I've gotten a lot of valuable information on the site, particularly from other forum members. I've messaged a few people on the site now and then, but we've never actually met anyone in person until today. Martin and Liesel have three kids (a five year old named Samuel, and twins that are 2 1/2, Thomas and Ella). Liesel's husband just got a job at Max Planck Institute, located very near ESO in Garching. They arrived in Munich via Australia one day before us. They are also staying in temporary housing while they wait for their container to arrive and move to a more permanent home in Ismaning.

We met up at their flat late this afternoon and walked to a beer garden near a kinder spielplatz (kids' playground) located in the English Garden. They were kind enough to also invite us to dinner at their place. Gerrit had a grand time playing with their little ones, and Gerard and I enjoyed the company very much. They are truly nice people, very genuine and down to earth. I appreciate that immensely. It was also wonderful to meet a family in a similar situation, and another working mom now turned "Haus Frau" who shares some similar reservations about the transition. Now I have proof that my concerns are not that of an "irrational pregnant woman" as at least one other non-pregnant woman feels similarly. I am extremely grateful to have met this couple and hope that they will turn out to be a source of friendship and support in the coming months.
Steph & Samuel (Ella in front)

Gerard and Liesel toast our meeting and arrival in Munich.

Another cool playground toy. This one he uses to
pull himself back and forth.

Enjoying his day at the kinder spielplatz.


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