Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Still No Baby

Riding mommy's old scooter in our driveway.


This morning in German Class, we asked the instructor for a lesson on what the different oven settings mean and their uses. Her explanation covered what we had suspected things basically meant (convection, grill, heat from the top and bottom, etc.), but when we asked her when you would use some of them, she didn't really know herself. Guess it'll just continue to be trial and error for me. She asked how ovens are different in the U.S. We told her that we had the temperature knob but not nearly as many (if any) variations in oven settings. I said, "We just stick it in and bake it for whatever time we want on whichever temperature we want." Her response was, "That's what Americans are *known* for- just sticking things in the oven with no care as to the type of way they are cooking it." Another gal in class said, "Well, it works." And to our instructor, I had to of course respond, "Well, Germans are *known* for making really strong disgusting coffee, being rude, and drinking a lot." At the time, I thought we had all been bantering a bit, but when I told Gerard about it, he just shook his head as if to tell me, "Stephanie, why can't you just hold your tongue and NOT say things like that." Hmmm... I thought I had every right to respond to her comment... joking or not.

I met with the principal of the Bavarian International School this afternoon. I had thought it was to be an informal meeting but it turned out to be a semi-interview of sorts. That kind of put me off, since I would have liked to do a bit more research on the school and international curriculum, etc. before I interviewed. Oh well. One thing he mentioned is that they are starting to use "smart boards" there, similar to our "mimio boards" at LCUSD. I told him that I'm only looking to volunteer a few hours a week in the spring, and perhaps next year do a bit more, either working part-time, or subbing. He informed me that they do not hire on a part-time basis, so I'm thinking I will likely only continue to volunteer now and then. Although I would love to get back into the classroom at some point, I do not want to work there full-time. Their school day goes from 8am to 4pm, and those are just the times they have kids. That doesn't include any planning, prep, or meetings. Bleh! Forget it.
Gerrit sports his robe and house shoes after a bath.
"Hugh Hefner's got nothing on me!"
Mom always ruins my "mojo" with a diaper change.


I met another gal from BMW today.... well, whose husband works for BMW, anyway. There seem to be a ton of American ex-pat BMW families in Neufahrn. I have to work hard not to be envious of them when they tell me everything they are getting from BMW. BMW covers all costs associated with moving to Germany, including moving and shipping, air fare, a relocation agent, and installation. Once in Germany BMW covers all their rent while here, cell phones, cars for husband and spouse, all private school expenses for their kids, all medical insurance costs, gives them 10,000 dollars per year to travel around Europe, and pays for their entire family to fly home each year and rental car while visiting home... oh, and their husbands all got raises and cost of living adjustments for coming here to account for the inflated cost of living. Their only expenses here are food, utilities, and gasoline for their cars. They tell me this allows them to save a TON of money while here and use it to either upgrade their house or lifestyle, etc. when they go home in three years. They ask me questions that imply I get the same things they do- like when this gal mentioned I should just hire a personal nanny, or pay to put my kids in a kinderkruppe full-time even if I'm not using it so that I can take German Classes or go out with friends. Then I have to explain to them that their husbands work in Industry, not Academia, and they are two COMPLETELY different worlds. When they look at me funny and continue to say, "Well, can't you negotiate for this or that." Again, I just say, "Think of it as the difference between working for a non-profit company instead of a for-profit one." Compared to them... we be POE! Again, I feel this sounds very selfish of me to be envious or jealous of them. I mean... we are not destitute and we will survive while here, but sometimes it's hard to listen to others talk about what they HAVE and NOT wish you could have more, too.

I have been super uncomfortable the last week or so and I am really feeling ready to get this baby out. My hips are all out of whack and it hurts every time I get out of bed or roll from side to side. I'm restless and not able to sleep well, which means I'm always tired. Whenever I stand or walk for any length of time, I feel sharp pain in one area on the front of my tummy, like a part of his body is just pressing away there. This little guy's due date is the same as Gerrit's was and he's already baked longer than Gerrit did, so let's get him out already. I had a gynecologist appointment this evening and I had hoped her status report would indicate that delivery was imminent. As I feared, she and the midwife are not on the same page. The gynecologist says she thinks I have at least another week before anything happens. Argh!!! Looks like my mom might end up making it out here before I deliver. I still intend to do whatever *I* can to move things along. If you have heard of any old-wives tales on herbal teas or eating various foods to induce labor let me know.
Gerrit enjoys the reading material at the gynecologist's office.


At October 9, 2007 at 4:44 PM , Blogger lvanbelle said...

Foot masages supposidly work. Didn't work for Karen, however. The thing that did work were movies. We went to see a movie right before Thijs and Janna were born.

At October 15, 2007 at 5:45 AM , Blogger Greg said...

Exactly WHAT are you explaining to him on that page?




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