Thursday, October 11, 2007

German & English Playgroups

We had a pediatrician appointment for Gerrit this morning. Even though he already had his two year physical and immunizations in the States, I wanted to try out a doctor here in case we needed one. Additionally, I need to secure a doctor for when the baby is born. I figured I'd send Gerrit and if I liked the guy we'd keep him for both boys. He looked over Gerrit's immunization record and told us that he had to have a second MMR (Measles/Mumps/Rubella) shot because Germany and the U.S. do not follow the same schedule. In the U.S. he would not be scheduled for his second MMR for a year or two from now, but in Germany they give both shots close together. He also will likely need a second Polio vaccine here at some point soon. The doctor's English was not very good, but he tried really hard. We both acted out anything when there was a clear communication break down and that seemed to work fine. He took a lot of time with us and I really like the way he handled Gerrit, so it looks like this guy is a keeper. Yeah!!! One more thing accomplished!

I tried out a German Playgroup for 12-36 month olds this afternoon. A few younger, friendly moms tried teaching me some German while I was there. That was wonderful, but of course I don't have a prayer of remembering any of it at this point. My brain is complete mush. The people were pleasant but I found the room quite crowded. There were twenty children and their moms packed in a tiny room. The kids were LITERALLY falling over each other and toys trying to move around. Although the idea is nice, When the baby is born I think I'll try out the 0-12 month old group and see if anyone has any older siblings there that Gerrit can play with. Several little guys and a few older siblings would be a lot better fit for that room.

We've started buying some beer, water, and soda at the Getrank Markt rather than the grocery store. This is a market where you buy drinks only. You can buy them in plastic milk crate type things that hold several bottles rather than buying one or two at the store. Then you return the empty bottles and crates when you are finished so you receive your deposit back. More encouragement for recycling. You pay a deposit on bottled beverages.
Mommy & Gerrit reading before bed

This morning I tried another English Playgroup of moms from the Bavarian International School. Most of the moms work for BMW (surprise, surprise). I have met several women now in passing, but only two women who are not BMW. This group runs the same time as the mom and toddler group in Ismaning. That is the one I went to last week when I had to take the train back to Neufahrn. Although there is actually a fee associated with the one in Ismaning, I think I prefer it because it's a bit more structured. Since Gerrit's German Playgroup is strictly two hours of play while moms chat, I like that the Ismaning playgroup has moms and kids interacting more with each other. The group today was set up just like the German Playgroup. I will likely continue to attend the BIS group now and again to make some connections, but I think I'll make the English Playgroup in Ismaning a more regular outing for us.

The playgroup was across town and I walked home afterward. I tried walking all over town today hoping to encourage things in the delivery department. I was quite uncomfortable, waddling, and walking slower than I would have liked, but no contractions. Sigh... guess this baby is not in a hurry to see the world. I'm convinced he is just waiting until the cargo arrives to make his grand entrance. I know they will likely arrive the very same day. Hmm.. this little guy is already learning to push mom's buttons.

Tonight Gerard put together more IKEA shelving to give us more space for a pantry in the kitchen. We also plan to add additional shelving above the stove. Our kitchen is extremely small, and even the extra we are adding will likely not be enough. We plan to add additional storage shelves downstairs where the extra fridge is stored. If I dwell on how much money we've spent for lighting, storage, appliances, etc. that we need here it makes me ill. I know I know... just go with the flow, but yikes... you literally have to provide MOST EVERYTHING for your rental.
Gerard's masterpiece for the closet in the kitchen


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