Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Day

My Day:
Gerrit woke up at 9:40 today. We went over to Liesel and Martin's for dinner last night and stayed later than I expected, so Gerrit and I were up super late last night. We got up, ate breakfast, I nursed Willem, got everyone dressed and then each child had a blowout so I had to redress them. Willem wanted to nurse again so I did. Went through our entire house and emptied all the Restmulle (icky black trash), Gelber Sacks (Recycled Packing Materials), and cleaned litter box, etc. It was now getting close to lunchtime so I fed Gerrit and guess what... Willem wanted to nurse AGAIN. By this time it's 1pm and I decide to take the dogs out to let them run around. Now Gerard has been driving them to the edge of town and letting them run off-leash, which sounds easy, right? Not so, with the kids.

It takes me 20 minutes to get myself and the kids rugged up in the proper attire to be outside in the cold. I load everyone into the car and we head off. Wanting Gerrit to get some exercise too, I decide to forego the stroller. Gerrit and I will walk, Willem will be in the baby bjorn and the dogs will run off-leash. It takes me 20 minutes to get settled once there... with gloves, hat, settling Willem into the bjorn, etc. and everyone gets out of the car. It has been icky and rainy the last few days so of course it's muddy... in fact, muddier than I expected. The dogs are thrilled and immediately run about. Gerrit promptly falls in the mud and while I'm helping him up, Niki decides to find some deer crap or whatever and rubs herself all over it. Ick! Even though it's normally a quiet area with little traffic, about six cars come through and each time I have to wrangle dogs and kids together to be sure they are safe. As I called them over to me one time, Niki thought I wanted to play and jumped up showering me with mud. Gerrit now decides he doesn't want to walk and wants to be carried instead. He literally throws himself down on the ground and lays there waiting for me to retrieve him. I would have left him there and let him watch me walk a bit away from him, but I was worried about more car traffic. My feet are squelching through the mud and as I get everyone back into the car, Gerrit promptly puts his muddy shoes all over the backseat before I have a chance to clean them off. By the end of it, all of us, including the car needed a bath. It was after 3pm when I got back and Willem was screaming to bed fed again. After nursing him, I was wiped and still needed to bathe dogs and us. This was one of those days where nothing got accomplished.... except keeping my sanity. :)


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