Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Our Boys are Growing

My Three Boys

Looks like we're all a bit under the weather now. The kids seem to have colds, Gerard says his throat is scratchy, and today I started to feel out of sorts, like I'm getting a cold, too. Took Gerrit to the ENT doc Monday to have his hearing re-checked. In July we put tubes in his ears to drain excess fluid as he was always having ear infections. He also did not pass a hearing test his daycare performed and I felt his language skills were not developing as they should be. Since we put the tubes in he has not had an ear infection and his language has started to develop more, however he still failed a hearing test in his right ear. Yesterday's visit to the ENT doctor was to retest his ears independently and assess possible hearing loss. I am happy to report that he passed his hearing test in both ears. Woo Hoo!

Willem is growing rapidly. At his five week check up last week he weighed 11 pounds 11 ounces and was 22.8 inches long. People ask me how old he is and are always surprised when I say he is only six weeks. He has already outgrown some of the smaller 0-3 month clothing. Willem is showing a tendency of wanting to be rocked or held... all the time. He dislikes being left on the floor out of all the action, which sometimes makes it difficult to get a lot done.

Some Cute Things Gerrit Says and Does:
Pronounces "TR" in "Truck" as an "F" sound so it sounds like he's cussing all the time. He has finally started adding an "R" to his "F" sound so at least he says "Fruck" now.

Pronounces "S" in "Sit" as "SH" so he's constantly telling Jake and Niki to poop all over the house.

Pats both the dogs and Willem on the head to show affection. To Gerrit, Willem is probably just another family pet.

Gerrit is ready for Oktoberfest next year. He toasts "Cheers", clinks glasses, drinks, and says, "Aaah" when he finishes drinking.
Loves to chase his dogs around the house saying, "I gonna get you."

Constantly asks, "What's that?" or "Where'd go?" (referring to things he drops or we take from him surreptitiously.

Gerrit is obsessed with "Fish" and the Finding Nemo movie. He will sit through the entire movie if you let him... twice even.

When the dogs bark or Willem cries, Gerrit looks at whomever is making all the fuss, puts his fingers to his lips, and says, "Shhh... quiet" in a whispering voice.

And now for the gratuitous bath photos which the boys will hate me for later...

Daddy Says, "Say Cheese!"
Despite the look of confusion, Willem does enjoy his bath.

Storytime after our Bath


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