Sunday, February 24, 2008

Under the Weather

Well, this week has been super slow. Gerrit got sick almost as soon as mom, dad, and Theo left. I thought he had croup, but now I think it's possibly just some other viral infection. He's been sick for nearly six days - on and off during this time with fever and always coughing. Poor little guy is almost always tired as he's not getting quality sleep from all the coughing. I hope he gets better soon. So... not much more to report other than that.... oh yes, and Willem is now four months old as of today. :) Here are a few pictures I forgot to offload the camera when mom and dad were here.
Cruisin in Style
Gerrit & Opa
Just another big piece of glass for Gerrit to smoosh his face into
Willem grabbed his bottle
Ahhh... Food Coma

"Whaaazz Uuuuup?"


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