Monday, March 24, 2008


Easter was a relaxing day for us. Gerard made pancakes in the morning and then we had a small easter egg hunt for Gerrit. We had painted (literally- no vinegar for egg dyeing) eggs earlier in the week. However, I didn't end up hiding the painted eggs. Instead, we used plastic eggs. I didn't want to stuff the eggs with tons of chocolate for a 2 year old, so I had a different idea. Inside each egg, Gerrit found a coin to put in his piggy bank and a piece of paper with a picture of someplace in the house where he could find the next egg. One picture was of a rocking chair and we told him to look at the rocking chair to find the next egg, etc. This continued until the last egg revealed the location of Gerrit's Easter basket as well as baskets for Gerard, Willem, and some treats for the pets. Though it was a bit slow getting started, Gerrit really got into it and seemed to enjoy himself. Think I'll keep the idea and try it again in the future. :)
"Oooh.... look mommy... there's an egg in the sink."
"Where do you think the next egg is, Gerrit?"

The boys find their baskets
Mmmm.... chocolate egg!
Mmm... doggy treats!
In the early afternoon we set off to Olympia Park for an Easter Celebration. There were all sorts of food stalls, mini foosball table, human foosball table, jumpy bouncers, a band, and people giving away chocolate and balloons. Gerrit was in heaven. The only problem was that it was so freakin cold and windy. At one point it actually snowed again so we decided that after being there for two hours we'd had enough.
Cool... Foosball!


Monday was also a holiday here, and we were lucky enough to find another fun family activity. An old steam train was riding people around Munich. We took the transit train to the stop where the steam train was being loaded. It was a bit of a fiasco to get there as several sections of certain train routes were actually closed due to the holiday. We did manage to arrive, however, and we were even in time to get good seats. Several people didn't even get a seat so we felt pretty lucky. Gerrit had a blast and despite having train rides all day, he still wanted "More!"
Off for a mighty adventure
Gerrit likes his new buggy board
Waiting for the train
Willem is alert and checking out the world
My tired boy


Gerrit has been trying to help out around the house more and more, and I'm trying to encourage this behavior. Although sporadic in his desire to do some of these things, he helps bring things to and from the table and helps load and unload the dishwasher and washing machine. His favorite activity involves the dogs, though. He likes to help hold the leash on walks and feed them their meals. He tells them to sit, fills their food bowls and releases them by clapping his hands and saying, "Okay." But I have to laugh every time Gerrit tries out his dog commands on the rest of the family, too. The other day Gerrit wanted Gerard to come over and play with him so he called out to Gerard, "Daddy... come!" Then Gerrit pointed next to him and said, "Daddy... sit!" Gotta love it!


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