Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Boys' Birthday Party

Since Germans don’t typically celebrate Halloween, we decided to have the boys’ birthday party on October 31st. All three of my boys had birthdays this month- Gerard turned 40 (woah, over the hill now), Gerrit turned three and Willem turned one. We decided to invite some of our friends by (all of whom have children), which meant there were 12 kids here. That number was supposed to be 16 but a few people couldn’t make it at the last minute. Phew!!! Twelve kids and ten adults in our puny living room. To boot the weather was cold and icky and it was dark so all the games were played inside…. which made things a bit of a nightmare in that area. I think the games and craft were a complete bust. Kids running everywhere in tiny places doesn’t make for much organization. We ordered WAY too much pizza but at least we didn’t run out. The most successful part of the evening was the cakes. Fortunately, those were gobbled up. All in all, *I* think the party was kind of lame, but thankfully the kids probably won’t remember that. Oh well, the people that mattered most- the birthday boys we were honoring in the first place- seemed happy enough, so I guess it wasn’t a complete catastrophe.

Cake & Presents for all the boys on Gerard's Actual Birthday

Big Birthday Party Time

Matching Shirts for the Birthday Boys

Starting a few party gamesPin the Smokestack on Thomas
Gerard's Cake

Gerrit & Willem's Cake

This is a typical Willem move

when it comes to any sort of food

Recovering the Next Day...

Mmmmm..... leftover cake for all!

And the result of leftover cake for all....

Hyper-active three year old

A food coma hits the one year old

Playing around in our homemade tent

Gerrit is trying to lift me with his legs here :)

Jake needs a little lovin' too

And as always, hours of

enjoyment building cool train tracks


At November 21, 2008 at 9:20 AM , Blogger Gerb said...

Looks like my 4-year-old could love hanging out at your house - he's a train fanatic, too. Keep the posts coming! I'm enjoying them all.


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