Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gerrit May Have Finally Made Peace with Flies

The weather has been nicer so Gerrit has enjoyed spending more time outside playing in his sandbox (this is a major life saver, by the way- the best purchase ever). SIDE NOTE: Gerrit does not particularly like bugs just yet. Whenever he is outside and a bug flies at him, he runs inside yelling, "Ahh... fly fly!" More outside time means more bugs in the house (no screen and Gerrit doesn't like having the door shut if I'm inside). So Gerrit has had more close encounters with flies lately.

Gerrit also has a habit of asking if you are okay whenever he hears a loud noise. The handshake to this is, "I'm okay. Gerrit, are you okay?" He will respond that he is fine and then things resume. If you fail to answer or just say that you are okay, Gerrit will continue this question until he receives the desired response.


Yesterday, Willem knocked something off the table while tooling around in his walker. Gerrit of course asked, "Oooh... Willem are you okay?" I answered for Willem and then Gerrit asked if I was okay. I answered for me and then Gerrit turned to the two flies that had been buzzing around the couch and said, "Hey, are you okay flies?" :) I thought it was cute. Wonder if he knows what the fly swatter *really* does.


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