Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sean's Visit

Since I am so behind on posting, thought I'd try to catch up a bit. Here are some photos from when Sean came out to visit in April.

Sean's Wedding Gift to Us... only six years late. :)

Fruhlings Fest. Sean was here during Fruhlighs Fest (a much more scaled down version of Oktoberfest). A few beer tent and food stands but lots of rides for the kiddies.

Riding the train into town
Notice the BIG kid among all the little ones

We also visitited quite a few castles while we Sean was here. Since there are so many castles around here, Gerard and I purchased an annual family pass to many of the castles in Bavaria. It gets us into over 40 castles. Amazing to see these things still standing after all these years.

Prunn Castle Pictures

Eichstatt Castle Pictures

Museum inside the castle
Gerrit kept calling these guys Niki and Jake
Attack of the Birds
Mmmm.... bug collection!

Neuschwanstein Castle Pictures Castle in the Distance My Little Tree Hugger Ludwig's Childhood Castle Courtyard
We toured the Weihenstephan Brewery in Freising, which claims to be the oldest brewery in the world still brewing beer. And of course, a Munich trip would not be complete without a visit to the famous and ultra touristy Hofbrauhaus.

I was so excited to go back to Salzburg because this time I was was hoping to take a Salt Mine Tour. The mine's website said that kids under six were free. Apparently, the website was misleading as it was a poor translation. Turns out kids under six are not allowed in the salt mines. Such is life. We hung around and waited for Sean to come from the tour while we visited a historic Celtic village. Then we headed into town to view the Hohensalzburg Fortress and tour Motzart's birthouse. It's strange to see pictures of myself from 1992 in Salzburg as compared to now. If I can find some, I'll have to scan and post them. Boy, does it show me how much I've aged.
Salt Mine Visitor's CenterHohensalzburg Fortress in the distance
Motzart Museum
I find this picture of Motzart in his cradle
(looking like a miniature man rather than a baby)
underneath a blue halo rather disturbing
A Long Day in Salzburg.
Ready to sleep on the drive home.


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