Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mom's Take on German Housekeeping? (by Vicki)

Well weekend is coming to a close. We got out today and went into Munich. The train ride took longer than usual apparently because of a weird Sunday Schedule. No stores are open, so people were walking around window shopping. A few cafes were open for food. There was even a upscale store that was open for customers to look (not allowed to buy on Sunday, you have to come back for that). We went into a German toy museum with 10 flights of stairs (little tiny spiral staircase), you had to wait for the people coming up to go down and vice-versa, but the toys were really neat. Tomorrow we will get back to work on unpacking.
Hauptbahnhof Station
O.K. here are my complaints about German housekeeping. The washing machines are really tiny. You can only fit a set of sheets in one, forget a real blanket. It takes on hour and 48 minutes to wash and another 2 hours to dry. It takes all day to do two tiny loads of laundry! Needless to say I have been doing laundry constantly since I got here. Also the vacuum cleaner will not suck up dog hair, so we had to put the rugs away for now. The light switch plates here are big square things, not switches like we have. The public restrooms are cool, you have to pay but there have attendants and nice separate sinks. The one in Munich town square had showers, make up tables and separate sinks and mirrors. Felt like a spa. That's all for today...catch you soon....


At November 17, 2007 at 10:51 PM , Blogger brenda said...

hi van belles,congrats on your new son,he is sooooo cute. i just wrote you a long letter and it got erased because i didnt have a google see, im still living in the dark ages and am not very computer savy.gayle was over last weekend(baseball championshipgame in san pedro)and she, an eight year old,and asmart one at that, made me an email acct, or i wouldnt have been able to make the google acct at all.she will teach me how to use it on t-day. i told you ,dark ages or old anyway im on the computer right now and its pretty amazing to read your stories and see your great pictuers.germany looks beautiful and damn cold.the kids are cute as they can be.i hope your settling in and bunddling up.i hope gerrard likes his new afraid this will get erased so im going to try to send it and then ill write back another day . gotta go do an extra large load of laundry .soorry joking,love you, brenda, bill says hi give willem a bear hug xxxooo


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