Friday, October 26, 2007

German Food? (Vicki's Culinary Experience)

So far my experience here has been exciting, the colors here are very autumn like and pretty. The town is quaint with little trails to walk around on, lots of industrial looking things around. The baby is great, seems to like being held a lot so far. Gerrit is taking it all in stride. I think that the hospital did well in the delivery department, but staying overnight was like being in a bad hotel. No toilet paper, shampoo or soap. The food definitely left a lot to be desired. We had hard rolls and cheese slices, tea and coffee for breakfast and dinner. The lunches are the big meals and there was a decent one (rice and meat/gravy) the day we left, but by that time one of Steph's friends had brought McDonalds to the rescue. Am missing my husband's food more than I thought I would. I am lucky to have him to cook for me. We still have a lot to unpack and it is quickly coming back to me how Stephanie likes to over think every placement of furniture and move it over and over again. Yikes! Give me strength!

Am hoping to get out and see a few things soon, but things are going very well here, think I'll relax with a glass of wine now. Over and out....Vicki


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