Sunday, November 4, 2007

Stephanie, the African Queen (Another field report by Vicki)

The week has been eventful, as you can tell by Steph's blog. Enjoyed the castle trip. Still having a hard time with the laundry situation here. I call it the "neverending washing machine"!!! I don't know what Stephanie will do when I leave, it's a full time job for one person. Also, there are some interesting new methods of mothering apparently. Stephanie has taken to wearing some huge piece of cloth (looks like something in Africa) in which she wraps the baby. It takes her 10 minutes by herself to situate the baby, which includes the initial wrap and then many adjustments thereafter. If I help it can be done in 5. You will notice the thing in pictures. I am wondering if she will do her housework with the baby wrapped up like that. Wait, what am I thinking? Housework is sort of a dirty word to Stephanie. The baby likes to be held when he is not eating, so between a toddler who needs constant supervision and a baby that has to be attached to you 24-7, not sure what housework will get done. At least she has an excuse. The baby is gulping right now as Stephanie is feeding him. Certainly getting plenty of nourishment. He sounds like he can't breathe. We will try tomorrow to find some souvenirs for me to take home. Later...


At November 5, 2007 at 7:29 PM , Blogger Linda Moore said...

Well, it's about time for "our" vacation to end eh? :( Must be sad having to come home! I am leaving for Florida this Thursday AGAIN...will be home the Sunday before turkey day. Guess they don't have Thanksgiving there eh...well spend the day being thankful anyways. Love to ALL..Linda


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