Friday, November 9, 2007

Final Days in Germany (By Vicki)

Well, my time here in Germany is almost over. We had a good week, but started it by twisting my back out of shape. I guess the box was too heavy for an old lady to lift. I have spent the week in pain, having a hard time sleeping at night. We went to an Indian restaurant this week and it was really good. It was like being back in America. I could read the menu and everything. I am coming back with about 100 pictures for my album. The baby has grown a lot in the last 2 1/2 weeks! I will miss the kids and Stephanie a lot, but will be happy to see my family back home and get back to work. I didn't realize it was such a part of my identity.

It has rained more than days than not and actually snowed a little today. We went to a St. Martin's Celebration today for kids, with some looney German guy. He had animals in his act and it looked like he starved his cats so they would jump over rats and birds, and through fire to get food! Then we went out in freezing cold weather to traipse around with the kids, carrying lanterns, singing some German song. I was freezing my buns off! Poor Stephanie, she will not be handling the cold here very well. It will take a half hour just to get ready to leave the house! I'm glad I will be home in the sunshine.

Got souvenirs for my family. Gerard took us to Munich and Steph and I ran (literally) in the cold to find what I wanted (overpriced of course). We did pass the famous Hofbrauhaus, which is a bunch of beer drinking (don't like beer) tourists sitting at long tables, listening to German music. Would have been nice if we weren't racing to get back to a screaming infant left in the car with poor Gerard.

Tomorrow we will work on the house some more before I leave. My flight is really early Sunday. I am hoping my back doesn't go crazy on the long flight. I have a new found appreciation for how much we take for granted in the U.S. , no wonder all the Europeans think Americans are wasteful. They have to wear the same clothes without washing them for a week and keep smelly trash in the house for a month! If nothing else, Germany will toughen up Stephanie.

That's all folks! I will comment on Steph's blog in the future.. Bye...


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