Sunday, July 20, 2008

And Now For Your Viewing Pleasure...

Here... some pictures and videos to catch you up from the last few months.


Learning to Climb the Slide

Teaching Willem to Jump

Park at Chiemsee

Chasing David

May 2008

Mom (Grandma Vicki) Visits
Baby Food Mishap
Hamming it Up
"Aahh... a beer and a pretty girl. This is life!"

Salzburg Sightseeng Tour
Atop Hohensalzburg Fortress
Aren't I such the tourist?
Fascinated with the boys

Chiemsee Island
Taking the boat to the island
This reminds me of the Tree People in "Lord of the Rings"
Herrenchiemsee Palace

Visiting the Wildpark
Mom & Willem

Trying out my Mother's Day Present...
Our new Chariot Bike Trailer
Love, Love, LOVE the "Chariot"

Random Pictures from May 2008
Bubble FunPotty Training Time with Elmo

June 2008

Willem and Gerrit in their element
Willem tells Niki his diabolical plan to take over the world
"Don't mess with me. These sunglasses and
this spaghetti beard make me look tough."

David's Visit

Good Food, Good Beer, Good Friends..
What could be better?
"You see son... some day you will grow up and... "
"... Find this really cool statue to pose with"
(Yeah, I know... boys never grow up)

Chinese Tower Biergarten with Kaspar
Awww... two cuties!
Gerrit Attempts His "Own" Musical Style

Father's Day

"G'Morning Daddy!
Did my hammering wake you?"
Dad gets his loot
3-2-1 Blast Off, Daddy! Cake Time!
My Three Boys

Local Neufahrn Biergarten & Lake

Gerrit Reads to Willem
Willem is thrilled to bits that Gerrit
wanted to join him in the Pack 'n Play
Willem is not so thrilled to wear his helmet
Hot and tired after our day in the sun