Thursday, January 14, 2010

Joys of Boys

I have always wondered if boys found things just as funny as adult men. Things like farting, burping, and the like. I'm sure the Dutch Oven thing has happened to more than one unsuspecting woman (if you are a gal who has no idea what a Dutch Oven is then you are one of the few lucky ones in this world). So I have often suspected that boys just started out thinking these things were hilariously funny... and well... then just never grew out of it. My suspicions have been confirmed.

While searching for German cartoons on youtube, we came across this little gem. (Not exactly what I was hoping for to help with Gerrit's German, but I suppose that this topic is universal- no language barrier here.) Needless to say, both boys could not stop laughing and played it again and again.

Also, Gerrit now jumps up in his seat just like the rabbit whenever he has to fart.


After Kindergarten today, my conversation with Gerrit over lunch...

Me: (burp) Oh, excuse me.

Boys: (laugh)

Me: So Gerrit, what did you do in Kindergarten today? Did you have a new teacher named Annemarie?

Gerrit: (burping his answer) YEEEEEEEES.

Me: Nice. Did you play games and practice German with Annemarie?

Gerrit: (burping his answer yet again) YEEEES.

Meanwhile, Willem chimes in with a burp and a chuckle. Notice a theme here?

Me: What games did you play today, Gerrit?

Gerrit: (taking a deep breath to be able to answer with a complete burp)

(For those of you Germans, that's Puppen Haus.) Gerrit just told me he played witha Play House/Doll House today in Kinder. Hey, I suppose I should be grateful for any German answer he gives, even when they come with the added bonus of a belch here and there.