Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gerrit's Turns Four!

So this happened several weeks ago now, but I have fallen behind on blog posts yet again. I think facebook has ruined my blog, by the way. It had sort of gotten to the point where more people were interested in looking at my blog pictures and video than were actually interested in reading my posts, so as I started posting more images on facebook, I started posting less and less on the blog. Hence, it's demise. Alright, people, to inspire me to keep this thing up, let me know you still look at it from time to time- and not SOLEY for the pics.

We had a lot exciting things happen these last two months. In September I began in intesnsive German course. It met nightly for three hours (Monday-Thursday). As it was in Munich, during rush hour, we decided it made more sense for me to take the train into the city, rather than drive. This, however, meant that I needed to leave at least one hour before my class. With the commute time there and back, my three hour class had now turned into at leat a five hour adventure each day. Bleh! Even with my enthusiasm, the class began taking its toll on me by the first week in. To motivate myself, I kept repeating that taking this class made sense because Gerard was in town and could watch the boys at night. Plus, the baby would arrive soon and taking an intensive class like this would then be much more difficult. I started this class one month from my due date and was already waddling all over town. I found walking that much each day was proving more difficult than I had originally anticipated, so I decided to ride my bike to and from the train station. This seemed like a great plan... until my bike was stolen. Rats! Back to walking. Fortunately, I survived, though immediately ending the class I ended up with some sort of stomach virus for a few days. I can't say the course improved my German much, but at least it was something, right? I continue to struggle with this ridiculous language on a daily basis. I honestly doubt I'll improve much more before we leave here, but I continue to try anyhow.

The next bit of exciting news...

My big boy turned four. Yes, Gerrit celebrated another birthday here in Germany. When we arrived he was just shy of two and now he is four. I know he's still young, but I can remember his birth so clearly. I feel like he was just born. I can clearly remember my teacher friends telling me that I looked "lower" than normal and asking me how I felt. "Fine, fine," I would say. "I haven't had any contractions but my mucous plug came out and I think it's still a few days away." (Yes, I know that's gross and probably TMI for most people, but if you know me, you are not surprised that I would discuss such things openly.) In fact, my water broke (and we're talking a gusher) about five minutes after that conversation. I remember still being in denial that the time had come (I was still two weeks from my due date and felt not at all prepared for a new baby). I think I was still in denial through the entire labor, birth, and first few hours thereafter. This being the U.S., they whisked Gerrit away from me within the first twenty minutes after delivery to do a bunch of tests. I didn't get him back for hours.

But when I did... and I unwrapped my swaddled newborn son.... I fell in love. My denial melted away into adoration.

This year, Gerrit received a special gift for his birthday- his very own kid-size digital camera. For some time now, Gerrit has been fascinated with our camera and has taken some decent pictures now and then. So we decided it was a good time to introduce him to a camera. The problem with these kid-cameras, is that picture quality is sacrificed for camera durability. This camera can be dropped on the ground, survive in water, and can withstand most things little hands can throw its way- but the pictures come out rather dark and sketchy. Still, Gerrit enjoys the camera and that's what matters. As a side note, I've also noticed that since Gerrit now has his "own" camera, he has taken much more liberty in snapping pictures of any old random thing. So practice makes perfect, little man. Keep it up.

Gerrit, trying out his new birthday gift

Here you can enjoy some of Gerrit's photos- life from his perspective.

A view of the cat's litterbox
Ready to mop the floor
Little Brother, Willem
Waiting for grandma to arrive at Munich airport
Grandma's HereGrandma and new brother, Pieter

It's hard to believe it has already been four years. Gerrit is becoming such a little man. He attends a German kindergarten, and is picking up a bit of the German language. His ability to understand is still much stronger than his ability to speak it, but it is coming along. I love to listen to his stories- he is developing such an active imagination these days. Over the last two years, he has developed an extensive vocabulary and an outgoing personality. He is empathetic, affectionate, and looks out for his two younger brothers. Gerrit and Willem do have their spats (as most siblings do), but I so enjoy seeing them play together and care for each other. I can't wait to see how Gerrit continues to mature over the years.

A look back at my first baby...

A Few Hours Old (October 7, 2005)

One Year old...

Two Years Old...

Three Years Old...

Four Years Old...

Happy Birthday, Gerrit!


At December 25, 2009 at 11:55 PM , Blogger Stef said...

Still checking for updates to your blog every morning, and reading every post. Facebook is way too fleeting for me, I wish everybody would write blogs instead.


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