Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sunday Afternoon with the Family

Today was one of those pleasant but unexpected Sundays...

We went to the International Church run buy some ex-pats. They are in the process of hiring a new pastor and I wanted to hear what the pastor had to say.

After church, we headed to the International School to celebrate Maifest. The towns had Maifest celebrations at the beginning of the month, but this was a school fundraiser. Essentially, a carnival of sorts with music, games, activities for the kids, food, and several booths of people selling old books, toys, etc. There was a dunk tank, face painting, and a craft table for the kids.

Enjoying a day at the International School's Maifest

The Giant Teeter-Totter

Willem tackles the slide

When we came home, we hung out in the back playing in the sandbox and on the trampoline. I also used the lid of the sandbox as a makeshift wading pool for the kids. They had fun splashing around in it. The weather was finally warm enough today to justify that sort of activity. We concluded our day with a pizza dinner and played some boardgames with the kids before bed. All in all, it was a fun day for everyone.
Bubble Fun Back at the House (The boys are trying to eat the bubbles like Jake does)

Video of the the boys (Jake included) chasing bubbles.

Our sandbox lid pool

Gerrit getting more adventurous on the trampoline

These next few pictures are from our Saturday trip to IKEA...
Enjoying ice cream after an errand at Ikea.

Willem and Vincent in a stare down.

"The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades."


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